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The average UK worker spends 11.5 years of their life working – Make sure you do something you love and that’s financially rewarding!

Personal Trainer

This is where you will start your career and learn you trade. Once graduating your personal trainer course with “Fitness Training & Qulifications” you will be bursting at the seams to share your wealth of knowledge, helping your clients reach their specific goals! It’s the best job in the world, earning a very lucrative salary doing the job you love. Whether you run your own business or work for one of the top health chains, no two days are the same, each day brings its own challenges and unique experiences. Become a Personal Trainer today and get up every morning with that spring in your step!

Master Trainer/Trainer of Trainers

One of the natural stepping stones for Personal Trainers is to become a MASTER TRAINER/TRAINER OF TRAINERS”. This could be a specific area such as, Kettlebells, Vipr, Suspension Training or Functional Training. Where you become an expert in a certain field and are in a position to train other Personal Trainers. You share you r knowledge, expertise and passion and infuse others to follow in your footsteps. It’s one of the best feelings when other Personal Trainers seek you out, for your advice. For example Virgin Active has “Master Trainers”. These selected Personal Trainers can get paid up to £250 per day travelling the country training other Virgin Active Personal Trainers. You teach both theory and practical elements of your specific field and take the trainers through their paces. Its a great job and a natural progression for successful personal trainers.

Club Management

Many Personal Trainers follow a natural progression into Club Management, after having success training clients you may be seeking a new challenge. One of the 1 Training Manager” where you lead a team of Personal Trainers. You will be there to share your knowledge and be the 1 sessions, be in charge of quality assurance and manage budgets. The next step is to become a Health and Fitness manager, your roles will include managing the entire Fitness team (Personal Trainers, Fitness staff and Group exercise/class teachers), running the gym, stetting targets and managing targets for all the Personal Trainers and making sure your members needs are met.

Being a Health and Fitness manager is very rewarding and challenging, each day is different, and it’s great fun working with people who share a real passion for Health and Fitness.

There are many other natural progressions once being a successful Health and Fitness Manager.

• Regional Personal Training manager – You will be in charge of several clubs within a specific area, managing all Health and Fitness managers that fall in this area. Very lucrative salary.

• Group Exercise Manager – Managing all group exercise classes, coordinating other class teachers and class timetable management.

• Sales Manger – Getting new members to join the facility

• Duty Manager – day to day problem solving of any issues that may arise.

• GM – General Manager – In charge of the whole club, responsible for running the entire facility day to day, managing all staff and ensuring targets are met. Making sure all your members have a positive experience.

Strength and conditioning Coach

A strength and conditioning coach purpose is to increase performance in whatever specific area they work in. As a Rugby S&C coach you will be working with the team, designing their specific training phases. You will be in charge of every player, ensuring they are at the peak of their physical performance, from their specific strength programme to the nutrition/supplements they consume. You will work closely with the sports scientists to ensure your athletes get stronger, fitter, faster, leaner and more flexible. Ensuring you athletes are bullet proof so they can run through walls if need and come out the other end unscathed! This is a highly skilled job that can be very rewarding on a personal and financial level.

Becoming a Tutor

We all seek new challenges as we progress through our fitness careers, after spending years in the industry as instructors, personal trainers or gym/operations management it comes to a point where you may want to share the knowledge and skills you have gained. What better way to do this than become a tutor?

Becoming a tutor/assessor can give your career a new and exciting boost enabling you to pass on what you know and have learnt from the industry onto others who are about to start their careers in health and fitness. To become a tutor we would recommend you have at least one years experience actively in the industry as well obtaining a teaching (PTTLS) and assessing qualification. Some companies may even offer these qualifications as part of an internship scheme, allowing you to develop and grow as a tutor whilst gaining all of the necessary qualifications and experience teaching.

If you have a passion for fitness and want to share this with the trainers/fitness professionals of the future then this could be the ideal career progression for you, either on a full or part time basis.